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Authoritative Presentation Style
Authoritative Presentation Style Free Public Speaking Tips, Podcasts, presentation skills

Authoritative Presentation Style Great at Informative and Decision Making Presentations A few weeks back, I gave an overview of the four main presentation styles. Last week, we covered the Energetic Presentation Style. The week before, we covered the Analytical Presentation Style (Technical Presentations). You’ll remember from the last two sessions that the Analytical Presenter and…

Presentation Styles
Presentation Styles Podcasts, presentation skills

Presentation Styles and How They Differ from Presentation Types – Identify Your Strengths as a Presenter to Impress Your Audience Ask most presentation skill experts what the ideal presentation style is, and you will likely get a variety of answers. Am I supposed to start with a story? Am I supposed to tell jokes? Are…

Increase Security and Income with Presentation Skills Training presentation skills

I originally wrote this article back in 2013 to tout the value of investing in yourself. For the last couple of decades, we have seen thousands of people increase their income and job security by investing in professional development classes. So, when I originally wrote the article, I researched how much a Masters degree cost…

Design and Style Great Handouts
Make Your Handouts Look Great Without a Graphic Designer Podcasts, presentation skills

Make Your Presentation Handouts Look Professional without a Graphic Designer Last week was part one of How to Create the Perfect Presentation Handout. In that article and podcast, I gave you three easy ways to create helpful handouts to accompany your in-person presentations. This week, I’m going to show you how to style your presentation…

Presentation Gestures and Movement
Presentation Gestures and Movement presentation skills

Whether you are brand new to speaking or you have been presenting for years, you will want to look confident when you stand up to speak. This can be a challenge though if you are really nervous. We are always afraid that the nervousness that we feel will be obvious to the audience. So, how…

How to Recover from a Terrible Speech
How to Recover from a Terrible Speech (Bombing on Stage) Podcasts, presentation skills

How to recover after giving a terrible public speaking performance and bombing on stage – how I did it after a disastrous speech in college, and how you can too. Ever have one of those situations where you are asked to do some public speaking, and things just don’t go well? Whether it is from public speaking fear or presentation anxiety, or if the poor performance just came from preparing for your speech in an inproper way, it happens. Even public speaking pros can bomb a speech. These are a few things that you can do to recover.