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Webinars, in general, can give you the skills that you need and inform you of new ideas to help shape your career. Our presentation webinars are designed to pinpoint your presentation fears or issues and give you the skills you need to overcome them! You have already joined us and trust us to prepare you for the road ahead. Take a moment and choose a webinar to start with and get the skills you need to impress and make it to the top of your career level. We will not stop creating new lessons and webinars that will make you Fearless! So stop by whenever you need to in order to grow, learn, and be fearless! Learn more why webinars are a great thing for all businesses! 

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Webinars will be live every Tuesday at 10 AM. You must be a Gold or Platinum member to register for the webinars. Gold and Platinum members will recieve weekly emails giving information about each weeks webinar. If you would like more information on signing up for a membership or not getting the emails please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Webinar Schedule

Webinars will be live every Tuesday at 10 AM. You must be a Gold or Platinum member to register for the webinars. Gold and Platinum members will recieve weekly emails giving information about each weeks webinar. If you would like more information on signing up for a membership or not getting the emails please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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Are you ready to join in on our webinars? This webinar is packed-full of tips and tricks that are specifically designed to boost your confidence and make you become a fearless presenter fast!

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Webinar- How to Design Presentations Quickly

This session explains how to design entire presentations from start to finish in minutes versus hours or days. Doug Staneart explains the different types of presentations and how to determine what content (and how many bullet points) are needed for each type of presentation. If you follow this format, you can design your entire presentation very quickly and easily.

Webinar- How to Memorize Your Speech

Looking for a quick and easy way to memorize an entire presentation quickly? Well, the solution to how to memorize a speech in minutes will likely surprise you. In this article, we will cover a few important points.

Webinar- 7 Presentation Habits that Cause You to be a More Nervous Speaker

Quite often, when we are nervous speaking in front of a group, we do innocent sounding things to help us be less nervous. However, many of the things that people do to reduce public speaking fear actually CAUSE PUBLIC SPEAKING FEAR.

Webinar- How to Stop Using Filler Words

Filler words are a natural part of everyday conversations, and in fact, if they aren’t there, you’ll actually sound strange (or even fake) to the audience, so you don’t want to eliminate the filler words all together. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be a major part of your speeches and presentations either.

Webinar- Eliminate Public Speaking Fear in 3 Steps

We back up a little in this webinar to explain exactly where public speaking fear comes from and how to eliminate that stage fright in just three simple steps. Doug Staneart, CEO of Fearless Presentations ® gives away a few public speaking secrets that have helped the 2-day Fearless Presentations ® classes have such a success helping people over the last two decades.

Webinar- Be a More Inspirational Speaker

Sometimes, we just want to motivate our team. In other situations, we may be asked to speak at an annual meeting and want the audience to see us as being an inspirational leader. Whatever the case, there are times when the purpose of our speech is not necessarily to inform or persuade but to motivate and inspire.

Webinar- Impromptu Speaking and How to Speak Confidently

In this session, Doug Staneart covers how to quickly design and deliver impromptu speeches. These types of presentations can help when you are interrupted during a speech by someone asking a question. This skill can be used effectively if your impromptu speech is intended to persuade your audience.

Webinar- Why Do I Still Get Nervous When I Speak

First, many of the things that we do to reduce public speaking nervousness will actually cause the nervousness. Second, fear, of any kind, can be conquered if you both reduce the risk of failure and have a series of successes in a short period of time.

Webinar- The Public Speaking Secret

If you take only one piece of advice about public speaking, make sure that it is this pearl of wisdom. If you focus on this one simple thing, the number of times you say “uhm” won’t matter. If you focus on this one thing, your gestures and not knowing what to do with your hands won’t matter. If you focus on this one thing, then the occasional loss of train of thought won’t matter. In fact, if you focus on this one simple thing, you can break just about every rule that public speakers are supposed to abide by, and you will still win over your audience.

Webinar- Short Anecdotes for Speeches

Short anecdotes for speeches are a fantastic way to end a presentation with a bang. These stories can be fiction, actual incidents from history, or even just funny stories from your own personal life. When you deliver them well, though, they have a lasting impact.

Webinar- Using a Speech to Promote a Product

In this session, we are going to show you a few simple ways to use public speaking to promote or market your product or service. In fact, using a speech to promote a product or service is a fantastic way to conduct a marketing campaign.

Webinar- Using a Speech to Promote Yourself as a Public Speaker

Some of the ideas are to start out as a trainer in your current industry and to speak to associations within your industry. This helps you practice your craft, but, more importantly, it helps you get a video of yourself in front of actual audiences. In this webinar, we will discuss how that video can help promote yourself.

Webinar- How to Overcome Glossophobia

Want to know how to overcome glossophobia? Does stage fright sometimes make you pass up opportunities in your career? Do you feel like you have an irrational fear of public speaking?

Webinar- 7 Qualities of a Good Public Speaker

What are the most important qualities of a good public speaker? What makes a great presenter? What are the qualities that allow one orator to get up in front of an audience and memorize the crowd while another fails?

Webinar- How to Introduce Yourself

One of the more challenging parts of any presentation is the very first part. If you are wondering how to introduce yourself before starting your presentation, you are in good company. For most of us, once we get the first few sentences out, our nervousness will diminish pretty significantly.

Webinar- How to Persuade an Audience

I was doing article research this week, and I came across a statement by a world-renowned public speaking coach that made me stop dead in my tracks. This coach was answering the question, “If I’ve only got five minutes for a speech, how do I get my key points across in an interesting way?” The speaker answered by saying, “Five minutes is too short a time to persuade an audience of anything complicated, sophisticated, or controversial.” I was dumbfounded. That is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard.

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