Live Online Meetings: Three-Part Mini-Course

This is a three-part master class on how to create and deliver live online meetings via Zoom, Teams, or other online service. In part one, we cover 7 important ways that virtual meetings are different from in-person meetings. If you understand these things, you can make your virtual meetings more beneficial and easier to deliver. In part two, we focus on how to create content for virtual meetings and webinars. Finally, in part three, we cover the technical nuts and bolts of these meetings.



Our Virtual Meeting Master Class Is a Comprehensive “How To” for Virtual Meetings.

As a sample, this video is one of the lessons from the master class. The entire course has over an hour and a half of video modules and over 20 lessons. This course is the most comprehensive program offered related to virtual (Zoom or other software) meetings. If you want to have better (and more interactive) online meetings, this master class is a must!

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