7 Presentation Habits that Cause You to Become a More Nervous Speaker Mini-Course Product

In this course you will learn how to be a more confident speaker by leaving these 7 presentation habits behind. We will talk about using visual aids effectively, who you should seek advice from, and the proper place to use video as a way to practice. Ready to become the best speaker you can be? Sign up for our mini-course below!



Here is the first lesson of a 7 part series on Presentation Habits that Cause Nervousness

Quite often, when we are nervous speaking in front of a group, we do innocent-sounding things to help us be less nervous. However, many of the things that people do to reduce public speaking fear actually CAUSE PUBLIC SPEAKING FEAR. If you feel nervous when you deliver presentations, make sure that you are not doing these things. In fact, if you eliminate these “crutches”, you will likely feel more comfortable right away.

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