Catchy Presentation Titles Mini-Course Product

The title is the first thing your audience will experience in your presentation. If your title isn’t interesting, your audience way tune out before you have even said ANYTHING. This course is a step-by-step process that will show you how to create catchy presentation titles. You want to have a catchy title so that audiences will want to pay attention to what you have to say, let your audience know exactly what you are presenting on, and give you a clear guideline for your talking points.



What is an Eye-Catching & Catchy Title?

Let’s say you get an email from your boss saying that there is a mandatory meeting tomorrow morning. You notice that the title of the meeting is “Goals for 2020”. Your immediate response is probably an eye roll, sigh, moan, or a combination of those things. The title does not sound very fun, engaging, or like it is worth your time.

What if the title of the presentation was “This Year, We Will Increase Revenue by $200,000 by Focusing on Repeat Business”. This title is much more engaging and interesting. You might even be excited to attend this mandatory meeting so that you can learn how to increase revenue. Want to learn how to get from the first title to the second? This course shows you the steps.