How to Design a Presentation that Reduces Nervousness Mini-Course

This three-part master class takes you step-by-step through a simple process to help you design better presentations. If you use this process, the speeches will be easier to deliver and more interesting for the audience. First, we show you how to create a fantastic presentation outline. Next, we show you three important ways to take that simple presentation outline and make it really impactful. Finally, we end by showing you how to make your presentations more persuasive.



Change the Way that You Create Your Speeches, And You Will Reduce Nervousness Quickly and Easily.

This Master Class Has Three Parts

  1. Part One: Design Your Speech in Just a Few Easy Steps
  2. Part Two: How to Add Impact and Make Your Speech More Interactive
  3. Part Three: Designing Great Persuasive Speeches

By the way, this master class pairs well How to Start a Presentation and End Your Presentation with a Bang.