Public Speaking Ideas- Audience Participation Adds Impact- Part Six- Synergy

Public Speaking Ideas– Audience Participation Adds Impact- Part Six- Synergy

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Here is a lesson we need to take to just about every part of our lives, including our presentations. Too often we prepare just wanting to get done. We don’t take time to really think of making an impact and making sure that our points are remembered and assimilated. We simply prepare the parts of the message, put it together, and when it makes sense we practice to make sure we don’t look foolish. Too often the goal of the presentation is to simply get done without making a fool of ourselves, accomplish this and we consider ourselves successful.

But there has to be a better reason to be making the presentation. We must be filling a need and their must be a purpose to what we are doing. When we go about preparing for the presentation we must know that material we are presenting is crucial to those who will hear it. It is important information they need. It is an ingredient in their lives that if they miss it, or forget it, will be the difference between a savory loaf of fresh baked bread and a fresh from the oven brick; just because you forgot a minute amount of yeast. To enjoy a slice of fresh baked bread would be much better than to simply eat the ingredients that go into the delight.

When we prepare our presentations we must see the importance of what we are doing. Then we can become creative to make sure that the message not only gets to the audience, but gets into them. Plan your presentations to take advantage of synergy. Involve the whole person in the experience and the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. Often presentations are an assault on two senses- hearing- after all we are talking, and sight- we all us some type of presentation software these days. But what of taste, touch and smell? If we can involve more senses in the learning experience that learning becomes more integrated, solicits greater involvement, impacts in a greater capacity, and makes the experience much richer, deeper and lasting.

Instead of asking, “Here are my three points, how can I relate them?” Ask, “Here are my points, how can I help my audience experience them?” Plan and prepare your presentations to be synergistic, you will get your audience beyond just attendance and get into their imaginations.

Craig Wagganer is a Keynote and Motivational Speaker specializing in Teambuilding, Leadership and Public Speaking


Author: , Date Published: 10/27/09

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