Public Speaking Tip – Memorize Your Speech. No Don’t

presentation skills


By Connie Timpson/ Sr. Instructor at The Leader’s Institute

“It’s not that long. I can memorize it.” Maybe. But why would you? Memorizing speeches sets you up for anxiety and possible failure. It robs you of spontaneity and creative thought. If someone interrupts your speech to ask a question, you may find that the tumblers on the memory vault have shifted and the words are locked up.

Nothing is worse that standing in front of an audience with panic threatening to knock you to your knees. (Although that might get you some sympathy.) As you search for the words, the audience searches for the exit.

If you accept a speaking invitation, use your intellect, expertise, a three-point outline and all the spontaneity and enthusiasm you can muster. Spontaneity, passion and enthusiasm all provide an instant connection to your audience, and an open door to information and ideas that you have stored in the bank vault. You could become known as an expert who dazzles audiences, rather than the speaker who lost his or her words.

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