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by Arlen Garrison on Fearless Presentations ®

I've taken a lot of professional development classes. This one by far is the most useful. Chris did a phenomenal job. Everyone in the class made a huge improvement, including seasoned presenters.

by Haley Gant on Fearless Presentations ®

I thought this course was very great, and gave our whole team some really good tools to improve the content of our presentations. I really liked how Doug showed us how to structure our presentations and what type of content/structure works best to really give a quality, persuasive presentation. I definitely feel like our entire Marketing team had a drastic improvement from the beginning of the course to the end. I would be very likely to recommend this program to others, and would also be likely to look into other types of leadership and team building programs that the Leaders Institute offers.

by Keaton Munster on Fearless Presentations ®

Doug was great. Perfect professionalism and unique touch. Tips were better than expected and he helped with a lot of things I didn't even know I was doing wrong.

by Waqas Khatri on Fearless Presentations ®

Had a great time. Doug was very informative. I feel better about presenting now that I did before I took this class. Thank you

by Liza Mastrella on Fearless Presentations ®

I would recommend the 2-day class instructed by Chris, whom I found to be engaging, honest, and supportive. I definitely feel more confident with my presentations - and it was great to watch others improve over the course of the class using the techniques and tools from the class.

by Brandie Farnam on Fearless Presentations ®

Really enjoyed this and found it super valuable. Thanks again!

by Connie Allen on Fearless Presentations ®

The storytelling seems powerful and I look forward to incorporating this tool into my business presentations effectively. This gives me added confidence.

by Suzie Meshell on Fearless Presentations ®

Thank you!

by Lew Caliento on Fearless Presentations ®

First, Laura Barr. What a talented and inspirational leader/facilitator. Laura was the key for me. I'm recommending that SAC Wireless have a group session and we'll request Laura. Second, the format and content are excellent. I believe I've achieved a much higher level of presentation skill from the two days. I'd recommend to any interested party. Third, we had an amazing group who shared their insights willingly and with great empathy to where each participant stood in the spectrum of presentation comfort. We ended up having a lot of fun and enjoying each other's growth. Great use of my time. Lew Caliento

by Rebecca Williamson on Fearless Presentations ®

The instructor (Chris) was great and provided a sense of calm. Really enjoyed this class!

by Sarah Shannon on Fearless Presentations ®

Loved it! Thank you!

by Jack Young on Fearless Presentations ®

I've taken public speaking seminars before, but what makes this truly great is the opportunity to demonstrate the skills that you learn in a safe & supportive environment right after the learning occurs.

by Sheryl Fink on Fearless Presentations ®

Laura was engaging, open, and made us feel confident in our skills as public speakers while helping to gently point out areas for improvement. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend it.

by Anthony D'Angelo on Fearless Presentations ®

Fiona does a great job with the environment, participation, and overall warmth of the class. It is a great class to expand your presentation skills and truly become fearless when presenting. Great Class.

by Dave Thompson on Fearless Presentations ®

Fiona did a great job leading the session.

by Sheryl Shewman on Fearless Presentations ®

Really enjoyed the 2 day session. Very helpful.

by Ashley Burks on Fearless Presentations ®

The class was very informative and helpful.

by Ron Stempkowski on Fearless Presentations ®

Day 1 was fantastic! Laura is a gifted instructor and some of my classmates are truly inspiring. Looking forward to day 2!

by Paul Sichau on Fearless Presentations ®

I am very proud of what I accomplished at the Fearless Presentations course. I met some of the finest people and learned much about myself. And to think that my boss was wondering what I could learn at this stage of my life. The Leaders Institute is very fortunate to have someone of Laura’s caliber. I wish I could meet more people of her enthusiasm; the world would be better place!

by YVONNE LASSERRE on Fearless Presentations ®

Chris, I wanted to thank you for your expertise and conducting such a great class. I had a presentation this past Wednesday with about 25 apprentice Electricians, and what a difference from the way I would present before. I was so comfortable and confident.

by Julie Andrade on Fearless Presentations ®

I had a great time working with all of you! Thank you so much for all of your invaluable feedback – I feel much more confident and ready for my next presentation.

I took this class from Chris last year and my company wanted me to take a refresher public speaking course. So I figured that I got so much out of it last year that I'd go again to refresh my memory. Great class and Chris does a great job! Thanks!

Good approach to public speaking. Really enjoyed the content.

by Cathy Galloway on Fearless Presentations ®

It was a great experience for me. I’m very glad that I attended, and will be putting my new knowledge to work as early as Wednesday. - Cathy Galloway, Princeton University

by Donald Hall on Fearless Presentations ®

"Great tips and able to practice what we were learning." - Donald Hall, Bard Healthcare

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