How to Start a Presentation



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Woman writing a presentation.

Beware of the Unimpressed and Unenthused Audience Members

You walk on the stage and meet the gaze of unimpressed and unenthused audience members. Your heart is pounding as the stoic and beady eyes are judging you before you even say a word. You can feel your heart start to race, palms are getting sweaty, and before you know it you have completely forgotten how to begin your speech. We have all been there and honestly, it is not a very good feeling.

Woman writing a presentation

Reach for the Stars

What if you could walk up on that stage with peace of mind knowing that you are going to have a killer introduction? You would probably feel pretty good and might even end your speech with a mic drop.

How to start a presentation

It's all about the Introduction

In our mini-course “How to Start a Presentation” we are going to cover 7 different ways that will give you an amazing introduction so that you feel confident staring back at those beady eyes and emotionless faces. You are going to learn that starting off strong is an important key to reducing some of your public speaking fear. This course will also show you how to correctly use statistics, quotes, and personal stories. Are you ready to get creative and start using engaging introductions?

How to start a presentation online mini-course

Learn How to Start a Presentation!

$75 -- Instant Access to This Online Mini-Course. Here is What You Get:

2 Hours of training

Downloadable Handout

Creative ways to start your next presentation

Certificate of training

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