What Is Your Presentation Style?



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What is your presentation style?

Do you have a favorite speaker that you listen to on a regular basis?

If not, think about a time you were listening to a presentation and you felt really connected with that speaker. Think about how they included the audience, presented the information, and made you feel like they were happy you came. Chances are the people that you enjoy listening to have a similar personality type as you, therefore, the way they speak and present resonates with you on a higher level.

What is your presentation style?

Learn To Connect

How do we connect with those that have a different personality from us? We have to learn more about their personality and how they perceive information so that you can adapt your speech to relate to your audience.

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Being relatable to your audience is crucial

Being relatable to your audience is crucial to being an effective and memorable speaker. If you want to be effective and memorable you need to know your presentation style and how others perceive information. In this course, we are going to cover the four main personality types and how that relates to them giving and perceiving information. You will also learn what kind of presenter you are. Knowing these two things will allow you to assess how you present your content to your audience. Once you know how your audience will perceive information then you can feel more confident and hopefully not have as much public speaking fear.

What is your presentation style mini course

What is your presentation style?

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