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Be A Poised and Confident Speaker...

Even When You're Under Tremendous Pressure

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90% of Public Speaking Fear comes directly from the way that speakers prepare and practice their presentation. Change just a couple of minor things when you design your speech, and you can eliminate a lot of your nervousness almost immediately!

We've created a full 30-minute video of our CEO, Doug Staneart, giving away 10 simple things that you can do to eliminate public speaking fear, and if you follow #2 and #3, you can eliminate about 90% of your nervousness right away! Just enter your first name and email address, and you will get immediate access to the video.

BONUS: Since one of the big challenges people have presented is with losing their train of thought, Doug will also show you a way to improve your memory ten-fold by the end of the video.


Solutions to Public Speaking Fear
The Fearless Presentations® 2-Day Seminar: Thousands of people every year eliminate their public speaking fear in just two days in convenient locations all over the world. This seminar is one of the most popular presentation skills seminars in the world because participants are able to both gain poise and self confidence presenting, and we also help them learn to create and deliver entire presentations from scratch in minutes versus hours or weeks. For more information, click here. NoStageFright
Online Seminar: Can't make it to a public class, or do you need help right now? We have uploaded the entire class content to a secure website so you can attend the seminar in the privacy of your own home or office. The advantages of the online course is that you can review the content over and over, but the limitation is that confidence comes from actually speaking in front of a group, so the in-person seminar is better for long-term results. For more information, click here. Online Course
One on One Coaching: If you need more personal or customized results, have one of our presentation coaches come to you! We can deliver custom coaching for one person or 100 people, and we can design a program specifically for your needs or challenges. For more information, click here. Coaching


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