September 2015 Chicago Fearless Presentations Class

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Eric-Molin-Chicago-Presentation-ClassOur Chicago Fearless Presentations ® seminar, held on September 3rd and 4th, was the first official American class solo for The Leaders Institute® trainer and license holder for Europe, Eric Molin. In his first full training (observed by Doug Staneart) after being certified, he taught the Fearless Presentations® public speaking seminar, and trained and coached seven participants coming from a wide range of industries including a European pharmaceutical company, a manager working for municipal government in the state of Illinois, an information technology specialist firm, a company specializing in electrical power banks, and a 160 year old specialty furniture components manufacturer.

Participants came from a wide range of job titles including technical documentation specialist, project manager, consultant, account manager, and sales representatives. Each participant had not only a chance to boost their presenting and persuading skills, but to network and build connections and friendships with other professionals.

Highlights of this training were overcoming nervousness, storytelling, simplifying their messages, and adding enthusiasm and excitement to their talks. Each participant was able to get detailed feedback and was able by the end of the 2 days to see concrete improvements for all stages of their presentations. At the end everyone could start their Labor Day weekend relaxed, having made a worthwhile investment in themselves, and knowing their careers were going to improve dramatically thanks to their new presenting skills.

Molin has been a professional public speaking coach in Vienna, Austria for the past seven years, and he has built his reputation in Europe as a speaking coach who helps European clients develop more concise and interesting presentations. He has spent the last few years working primarily with Austrian, Swiss, and German companies helping their executives develop presentations that resonate with multi-cultural audiences. Molin is also the license holder for Leader's Institute® programs in the European Union.

Class Location: CBD – River North, 321 N. Clark Street, 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60654
Date: September 2-3, 2015
Instructor: Eric Molin

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