Arrive Early for Your Presentation to Make Sure Unforeseen Challenges Don't Develop

Public speaking tip #4 to reduce nervousness is to show up for your presentation early. Even if everything is planned perfectly, it is a whole lot easier to calm your nerves if you are ready to speak long before you go on stage. At times, the agenda will shift where organizers of meetings may want you to start speaking early. (Although, most often, organizers will ask you to speak later because earlier speakers went long.) However, if you are speaking at a venue that you are not familiar with and it takes you some time to find your meeting room or find parking or even find the address (these things are way more common than you might think), it is better to have these struggles an hour before you speak than minutes before you speak.

Give Yourself Time to Test Your Electronics

If you arrive early, you'll give yourself a chance to test your slideshow and/or microphone. It doesn't matter how many times that you have connected your laptop to a projector, it is inevitable that the night before your presentation will be the time that your laptop did an automatic software update, or you might realize that you actually needed internet connection (and you don't have it). This technical glitches are often easy to fix, but if you are trying to fix them 30 seconds before you begin your presentation, your public speaking nervousness with increase pretty dramatically. If you were able to test everything during the break an hour before you speak, though, you will feel much more comfortable when you start speaking.

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The key thing to remember about this tip is to prepare for things that possibly could go wrong, and show up for your presentation well ahead of time to make sure that you can fix any of these unforeseen challenges.

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