Wirtgen America recently held back-to-back 1-Day Fearless Presentations ® classes for it's Senior Sales team at their American headquarters. The two days kicked off a week-long meeting geared towards the overall strategy and direction of the sales force within the company.  A total of 25 regional sales managers from California to Boston as well as a handful of individuals from Canada including cities such as Vancouver and Montreal attended the training.

Typically, a Fearless Presentations® course is held over the course of two days.  Yet, the Wirtgen group had specific needs in which they wanted to address pertaining to presentations.  They wanted to target their specific challenges in communicating with their current as well as prospective customers.  Primarily, the sales team was looking for ways to generate greater sales by gaining buy-in from the customers they interact with. As a result, The Leaders Institute ®, tailored the course to a one-day program targeting sales presentations.

Within our Fearless Presentations Course, we WirtgenAmericaemphasize the importance of creating trust and rapport with the audience.  When we are able to successfully establish that trust with the person across the table, then they are more likely to listen to what we have to say.  In the same way, in order to gain buy-in from our customers, we must first work on developing a sense of rapport rather than trying to push a product or highlighting how great we are and how awesome our company is.  Ultimately, the customer is most concerned with how their challenges can be addressed.  As simple as this sounds, most folks tend to forget this simple aspect and eventually find themselves having a tough time getting a sale.

Overall, the Wirtgen America team crafted their presentations and talking points from scratch and equipped themselves with valuable tools for when they approach their clients.

The Leaders Institute ® offers many on-site trainings throughout the year to address a variety of challenges that organizations face.  From conflict resolution, to leadership programs, and of course sales training as well.  Give your team the opportunity to effectively communicate their expertise to the people who need to hear it the most.

Mitesh Kapadia is the Regional Instructor for the Northeast region. He is based in New York City, but he also teaches in Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and all New England Cities including Boston, Providence and Hartford.