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Importance of Self-Confidence

Importance of Self-ConfidenceThe Importance of Self-Confidence People will judge our COMPETENCE by the CONFIDENCE that we show. For example, let’s say that you are going in for surgery, and just before you go under, the surgeon walks into your room. His posture is slouching, as he speaks, he stumbles over his words somewhat, and when you look at his hands, they are trembling a little. Now, it doesn’t matter how good of a surgeon he is, you’ll probably want a second opinion (maybe even a third opinion) — Fast! Well, it’s the same in just about any industry. People judge how good we are at what we do by how confident we are when we communicate with them. If we speak with poise and confidence, they will automatically make the assumption that we are competent at what we do until we prove ourselves otherwise. The opposite is true as well. When we speak with nervousness or fear, the audience will automatically assume that we don’t know what we are doing until we prove ourselves otherwise.

Trainee Perception

A couple of days ago, I took my kids to a fast-food place. It was pretty busy, so I jumped in the shortest line. When I got to the front of the line, I gave the young person my order, and I could tell by the look in her eyes that something I had said had confused her. She looked down at her screen and started searching for the item that I had mentioned. My first impression of her kicked in, and it was “Wait a minute… something is wrong her.” I watched her finger searching the electronic menu, I could see it tremble a little. I changed my impression to “Ahhh… must be a trainee.” Immediately after drawing that conclusion, I glanced at her name tag, and there it was… Trainee in small letters under her name. (By the way, she gave us great service and did a great job, but that is not the point.) The point is that her self-consciousness caused her to question herself. When she questioned herself, she showed nervousness. The nervousness came across to me as her not being that good at working the cash register, yet. Do you want to give the perception to people that you are a Trainee or that you are the Professional?

You are the Expert! Communicate that Way

To be the professional, you want to exude self-confidence when you present to groups, speak to individuals in a one-on-one fashion, and when you lead people. That way, the outside appearance matches the inside competence.

The Fearless Presentations® Public Speaking Class Eliminates Public Speaking Fear

To overcome public speaking fear, break the skill into component parts and master each part. Fearless Presentations® helps each presenter have a series of public speaking successes by changing the way that we PREPARE for a presentation. Our step-by-step process makes writing and delivering presentations much easier. Once you have a series of success after success after success with zero failures in between, the fear of public speaking fades away… just like the fear of driving on the freeway faded after a few successes.


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