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Fearless Presentations ® Public Speaking Classes Help You Eliminate Public Speaking Fear!

Fearless Presentations ® is the fastest, easiest way to eliminate public speaking fear. These presentation skills courses can also help you become a more poised and professional speaker.

If you have ever stumbled over your words or lost your train of thought during a speech, you are in the right spot! For instance, our world-class public speaking coaches offer a number of different types of public speaking classes. So if you have trouble picking one, click here to schedule a free consulting call. Our experts will help you choose the most efficient route to becoming a fearless presenter.

We offer...

  • In-Person Public Speaking Seminars in Major Cities.
  • Private Presentation Skill Classes for Groups.
  • Pre-Recorded Online Public Speaking Courses.

Choose from Our Different Types of Public Speaking Classes.

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100 Public-Speaking Jokes to Add Humor to Your Next Speech
100 Public-Speaking Jokes to Add Humor to Your Next Speech presentation skills

​Want to make your audience laugh? We’ve accumulated over 100 icebreaker jokes, one-liners, and funny quotes to use in your next speech. Before we just give you these public speaking jokes, though, let’s start with a little warning. Stand-up comedians practice their routine over and over timing each punch line perfectly to get audiences to…

2023 November Public Speaking Class in Columbus, Ohio
2023 November Public Speaking Class in Columbus, Ohio Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes

Colleen and I had an absolute blast leading the 2023 November Public Speaking Class in Columbus, Ohio! We had eight people in this presentation class. We always say that presentation skills are important in any industry or profession. And that seemed to be true for this class. The owner of a number of McDonald’s franchises…

Hybrid Presentation Tips-Presenting In-Person But with Virtual Attendees
Hybrid Presentation Tips-Presenting in Person But with Virtual Attendees Podcasts, presentation skills

Below are 5 top hybrid presentation tips when you are meeting in person but also have virtual attendees as well. In the last few weeks, I’ve had a number of odd things happen in my in-person meetings and training sessions. The first occurred when a big client called me the day before the meeting asking for a favor. One of…

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