Fearless Presentations ® Public Speaking Classes

A good public speaking coach can help you eliminate stage fright and increase your self-confidence quickly. The Fearless Presentations ® Seminars are public speaking classes presented by world-class presentation coaches from The Leader's Institute ®. Our instructors can help you eliminate public speaking fear. If you want to reduce the jitters, get rid of the shaky hands, banish those butterflies, and become the poised and self-confident presenter that you've always wanted to be, we can help. In addition to teaching hundreds of presentation workshops in cities all over the world, our instructors are also the very people who respond to phone calls and emails from this website. You don't have to let public speaking fear hold you back anymore!

What Causes Public Speaking Fear?

Step #1 to reduce presentation fear is to identify your specific and individual public speaking training needs. (If you identify your specific wants and needs, you will find it easier to identify a solution that will work for you!) In this video, Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader's Institute ®, helps viewers find out where their public speaking fear is coming from. (For additional details, see Fear of Public Speaking section of the website.)

In addition, it is important to identify what this presentation nervousness is costing you. It is very easy to delay taking action to become a better, more self-confident presenter. There are always important things that take up our time. So, before you set out to reduce that public speaking fear, make sure that you have a solid reason WHY you want to do it.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Public Speaking Training.

In today's world, there are a number of different ways to try to defeat public speaking fear. You can watch videos on YouTube, do online training sessions, go to a Toastmasters group, invest in one-on-one coaching, read articles and blog posts, and many, many more. Doug goes through the pros and cons of these different types of presentation training. (He also gives his recommendation.

Below are Just a Few of the Companies who Trust Our Public Speaking Instructors to Train their Team Members:

If you work for any of these companies, make sure and call us at (800) 975-6151 to find out if your company has qualified for a group discount. (Most group discounts are for teams of three people or more.)