Corporate Presentation Skills Training for Your Business

You Can Organize a Custom Corporate Public Speaking Class for Your Company or Group and Save Money!

Private Public Speaking Classes for Your Company or Group

Custom public speaking classes delivered at your office are an economical way to train your entire group in one seminar. The Fearless Presentations® class has long been the optimal solution for individuals who want to reduce public speaking fear and stage fright. But did you know that Fearless Presentations® can be customized for the specific needs and challenges of your team?

Our instructors have helped tens of thousands of people eliminate public speaking fear. We have also helped class members become more poised and professional in front of a group. So, our presentation skill experts have seen it all. As a result, we can help your team design and deliver compelling presentations quickly and easily. And we can customize a seminar for the specific needs of your team!

Train a Whole Group Team Members for a Fraction of the Price of a Public Class.

The original 2-day public speaking course is, by far, the most popular program that we deliver at the offices of our clients. However, our curriculum is made up of over 40 modules. So we can design specific seminars just for your group

This process is also a great value. Instead of investing a per person fee sending individuals to our public classes, you can invest a lower fee for a training day (or two) no matter how many people that you train. You can train as few as 5 people and up to 150 people in a single class for almost the same fee. (We do charge a low material fee per person to cover the cost of books and manuals.)

Of course, the smaller the group, the more coaching and attention that each individual in the class receives. Optimal size for a custom class is about 12 people, because the class is big enough that participants get to speak in front of a group and get better, but small enough that everyone gets to deliver five or more speeches in two-days.

Customize the Presentation Skills Class for Your Group

You Can Also Customize the Length, Content, and Delivery Style of These Public Speaking Classes.

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Our professional presentation skills instructors can create the perfect solution for the specific needs of you and your team!

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