Public Speaking Classes: The Best Public Speaking Class Ever

The Best Public Speaking Class Ever Created

A Really Good Public Speaking Course Can Change Your Life!

If you feel nervous or uncomfortable when you stand up to present, you’re in good company. Public speaking fear is the most common phobia in the world. However, it is also the easiest phobia to overcome as well.

A good public speaking class can eliminate nervousness very, very quickly. In fact, most people who attend the Fearless Presentations ® public speaking course feel more comfortable by the end of the first day. Here is how it works…

The only way to get rid of public speaking nervousness is to replace negative experiences with positive ones. Every time you stand up to present and have a success, your self-confidence grows. But every time you have a negative experience, your nervousness increases. A really good public speaking course creates a controlled environment where you can practice. When you stack up a series of public speaking success, one after the other, your confidence soars!

The Fearless Presentations ® Course helps you have success after success after success. When you walk out of this presentation class, you’ll be an entirely new person!

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The Fearless Presentations ® Course Gets Rave Reviews from Participants.

This Public Speaking Course is FIVE STAR!

This Public Speaking Class Is Five Star

"It was a very informative class. I really liked the atmosphere. Not stuffy or intense. Obviously, learning to speak publicly takes practice but these 2 days were good first steps." -Cari Hoffman

Custom Presentation Class for Blue Marble in Las Vegas, Nevada

"I think the facilitator did a great job of introducing the material and making everyone feel relaxed enough to participate." -Lisa Coombs

Custom Presentation Skills Class for Delta Airlines in Dallas, TX

"It was very worthwhile and doing is the best way to learn. This class helps to show that speaking in front of a group is not as bad as a person imagines and can be fun." -Bob Bates

Quest Trust Private Presentation Class in Houston, Texas

"This class will certainly give you the skills necessary to deliver a dynamic presentation." -Jessica Kipp

2020 January Presentation Skills Workshop in Seattle, Washington

"This is the most helpful and interesting class I've ever attended." -Lan Nguyen

Here Is What We Cover in this Fantastic 2-Day Presentation Seminar.

Tuition varies by location but is just $1,250/person in most cities.

Day 1: 9 AM-4 PM

  • 10 Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Fear and Look and Feel More Poised When You Present.
  • A Simple Secret that Will Practically Eliminate All Fear in Less than 2 Minutes.
  • Become a Great Storyteller to Build Trust and Rapport with Your Audience.

-Lunch Break-

  • Mastering the Short Persuasive Speech (Impromptu Speaking with Poise.)
  • Maximize Your Strengths as a Presenter While Minimizing Your Weaknesses.
  • 5 Ways to Add Energy and Enthusiasm to Even the Most Boring Speeches.

Day 2: 9 AM-4 PM

  • How to Design Better (Easier to Deliver) Speeches Quickly and Easily.
  • Practice Delivering Your Presentations Without Notes and Without Having to Memorize Anything.
  • 10 Ways to Add Impact and Showmanship to Your Speeches.

-Lunch Break-

  • Visual Aids and PowerPoint Made Easy.
  • Put All the Pieces Together to Deliver a Fantastic Presentation.
  • Graduate from the Public Speaking Course and Become the Newest Fearless Presenter!

Fearless Presentations ® Schedule of Upcoming Presentation Seminars.

Tuition varies by location but is just $1,250/person in most cities. Tuition includes the following:

July 18-19, 2024Tampa, FLDetails/Register
July 25-26, 2024Houston, TXDetails/Register
August 15-16, 2024Las Vegas, NVDetails/Register
August 22-23, 2024Charlotte, NCDetails/Register
August 29-30, 2024New York, NYDetails/Register
August 29-30, 2024Chicago, ILDetails/Register
All Upcoming Seminars

* We require that participants who request to pay by check must guarantee registrations with a credit card unless a check accompanies the registration. Participants must pay the invoice no later than 30 days after the completion of the class. Otherwise, we will charge the credit card on file.

We also limit enrollment for all classes. Participants can register on a first-come, first-served basis. You can transfer to a future class for no charge as long as our office is notified by email at least 14-days before the class. Finally, participants who do not show up for the course or those who cancel within 14 days of the class start date are not eligible for a refund. In the unlikely circumstance that we have to cancel a scheduled class, all registered attendees will receive a one-time $400 refund of their tuition after they choose a class to transfer to for the inconvenience the cancellation has caused you.

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