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Fearless Presentations ® Is the Fastest, Easiest Way to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear!

Be Fearless with Fearless Presentations
The Leaders Institute, LLC is an international training and consulting company specializing in “soft-skills” seminars and events. One of our specialties is public speaking classes and presentation skills courses including Fearless Presentations ®. Our corporate office is based in Texas but we teach classes in major cities all over the world.

Fearless Presentations ® is a process that helps people eliminate public speaking fear. This process is taught by certified instructors and coaches that are all hand-picked by our founder, Doug Staneart. We offer three types of coaching and training.

  • Online Courses and Training: These sessions are prerecorded training sessions that you can access on demand. (This is the a low-cost way to access professional training.
  • Public Speaking Classes: Of course, the best way to overcome nervousness is to actually speak in front of a real group. So our public speaking classes are our most popular option.
  • Private Presentation Skills Classes for Your Team: We also offer both virtual coaching sessions and classes for private groups. You can get a world-class speaking coach to come to you at a fraction of the per person price!

The History of Fearless Presentations ®

One of the First Fearless Presentations Classes
Doug Staneart taught the first Fearless Presentations ® class in 2002. Since then, we have created over 25,000 fearless speakers! (You can read the inspirational and somewhat humorous story of how Doug became a speaker by clicking here: How a Shy Trailer Park Kid Became a Professional Speaker.)

The class started out as a local presentation course in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. The class was so popular, though, that by the end of 2003, we were teaching classes in 10 different cities.

“What we were doing was so different than other classes. Most speaking coaches will have a person present and then critique the speaker. Basically, they would let the person fail and then tell them how they failed. That is a horrible way to increase confidence. What we do is exactly opposite of this. We coach the person ahead of the speech (and during the speech) so that the person can’t fail in the first place. Then, we reinforce what they did well so confidence grows,” explains Staneart.

By 2006, we were delivering over 300 classes per year in almost 50 cities around the world. To date, we have taught over 4500 classes in over a dozen different countries.

If You Want to Be Fearless, We Can Help!

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