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Fearless Presentations Home Study Course

Fearless Presentations ® Home Study Course

Don’t have time to attend a public speaking training course or leadership training course? No problem. Fearless Presentations ® public speaking home study course can be very helpful. Our eBooks and MP3′s can be downloaded immediately, and the full public speaking course complete with five (5) MP3 recordings burned to individual CD’s, the Fearless Presentations ® book, Participation Guide, and Instructor Slide Show Deck with Instructor Notes, can usually be delivered to your home or office in just a few days.

Here’s What You Get in the Course

Fearless Presentations®

The book, Fearless Presentations, offers a step-by-step process to help speakers create and write a speech as well as organize, prepare, and deliver powerful talks. This book will help you eliminate the butterflies in your stomach, get rid of the sweaty palms, stop the shaky hands, and help you think and speak more clearly on your feet. In the public speaking home study course, you get both the the instant download eBook version and the printed version. The eBook has the following eBook bonuses:

  • eBook Bonus #1: How to make Impactful PowerPoint Slides
  • eBook Bonus #2: Access to our Interactive Speech Creator — just answer a few questions and your speech writes itself!

Fearless Presentations® Participant Guide

In addition to the printed book, you also get a copy of the public speaking class participation guide which has extra tips and strategies and all of the presentation skills exercises that participants in the in-person Fearless Presentations ® public speaking seminar get to experience. The participant guide helps you design your presentations from scratch in minutes versus hours or days, and it also summarizes all of the tips from the book and eBook in one location.

Instructor Notes and Slide Deck

In addition to the books and participant guide, you also get the instructor notes that our instructors use when the teach the in-person public speaking class along with a printed version of our entire PowerPoint Slide Deck! If you’ve never been to the in-person class, then this is a great way to get the information that our instructors would give you verbally in the class. If you have attended the in-person class, then this is a fantastic way to review the great incites that our instructors pass along while teach the course.

Presentation Skills Audio Recordings — MP3′s

10 Ways to Reduce Stage Fright10 Ways to Reduce Fear and Stage Fright
Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute®

Just about everything that you have ever learned about public speaking is wrong! That is why so many people have a fear or anxiety about public speaking. This recording offers 10 simple things that anyone can do — right now — to reduce nervousness immediately.


The Power of Stories and ExamplesThe Power of Stories and Examples in Presentations
Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute®

Everyone wants to be charismatic and at ease when they present, however, few people know the real secret of connecting with an audience. Speakers who flip through slide after slide reciting data point after data point are boring. Speakers who present their data, and then use the power of examples or stories to reinforce the data capture the attention of the audience, are memorable, build rapport, and establish a tremendous amount of credibility.


How to Write A SpeechHow to Write A Powerful Speech in 15 Minutes (or less)!
Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute®

Designing presentations is easy when you know a few secrets of great presenters. More is not always better. A well designed presentation focusing on the key, most important, concepts and backed up with compelling evidence is received much better than 120 slides of data.


Add Impact to Presentations10 Ways to Add Impact to Any Presentation
Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute®

Once you have a compelling speech designed, it is important to add impact so that your audience both understands your key concepts and remembers them! These 10 ideas will add tremendous impact to your presentation and leave your audience wanting more.


Energy and Enthusiasm to SpeechesHow to Add Energy and Enthusiasm to Any Presentation!
Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute®

Tired of the slow… boring… meeting or presentation? Then add some energy and enthusiasm to your delivery. The biggest secret of world-class speakers is that you can break just about every rule for public speaking, and as long as you have some energy, the audience will still love you.

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