10 Deadly Sins That Turn Off Audiences

10 Deadly Sins that Turn Off Audiences Mini Course

Want to know what not to do during a presentation? (I know it isn’t grammatically correct, but that is what people are typing into search engines.) Well, below are 10 of the biggest public speaking mistakes that presenters make. This is a list of what we call the 10 deadly sins that turn off audiences. Use it as a checklist for yourself.

If you find that you sometimes do one or two of these items, then the list will help you identify what to work on. If you find that a few of these are common, then, just know, that we help participants solve ALL of these 10 things in our Fearless Presentations ® class. Follow the link for details about classes coming up in your area.

Mini-Course Outline: 10 Deadly Sins that Turn Off Audiences

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