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Live online meetings 3 part

Live Online Meetings 3-Part Mini Course Lessons

Course #1: 7 Important Things that You Need to Know about Live Online Meetings

Lesson 1: Online Meetings are a Fast and Easy Way to Deliver Bite-Sized Pieces of Content to an Audience.
Lesson 2: Online Meetings Can Expand Your Reach Very Quickly.
Lesson 3: Online Meetings are Not Suitable to Every Type of Presentation.
Lesson 4: Online Sessions Need to be SHORT in Duration.
Lesson 5: Digital Meetings are Much Harder to Deliver than In-Person Presentations.
Lesson 6: It Is Much More Difficult to Get Participants to Interact with You.
Lesson 7: Once You Get Good at Digital Meeting and Webinars, Though, You Will be Viewed as an Expert in Your Field.

Course #2: How to Create Online Meeting Content to Maximize Audience Retention

Common Situations Where a Webinar or Live Meeting Can Save Time and be Extremely Helpful
Step #1: Keep the Content Short and the Focus Narrow
Step #2: Make the Content "Audience Focused"
Step #3: Put Some Meat on the Bones
Step #4 Make Sure You Have a Clear Idea of What You Want to Say Before Creating Your Visual Aids
Step #5: Spend More Time and Effort on Your Webinar Visuals

Course #3: Nuts and Bolts about How to Deliver Webinars and Online Meetings

Lesson 1: Free Webinar Software and Meeting Software for Smaller Groups
Lesson 2: Professional Webinar Software and Meeting Software for Larger Groups
Lesson 3: Before You Begin, Invest In Good Equipment