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From time to time, I hear people say things like, “She is a natural speaker.” On the other hand, I also hear things like, “I’ve always been a terrible speaker.” Both of these statements may be somewhat true. But they are also both absolutely false as well. No one comes out of the womb a fantastic orator. In addition, everyone has the talent to speak. Many people just fail to develop their natural talent.

Your personality strengths and weaknesses will often lead you to think one way or the other. Every personality temperament has some strengths when they communicate. Of course, each of them have some weaknesses as well. So, if you understand your personal personality strengths and weaknesses, you can maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. As a side benefit, this process is also helpful to reduce public speaking fear.

Before we cover these strengths and weaknesses, though, let me give you some background.

Personality Strengths and Weaknesses Lessons

Lesson 1: The History of Personality Type Theories
Lesson 2: Phlegmatic (Amiable) is both Indirect and People-Oriented
Lesson 3: Melancholic (Analytical) is both Indirect and Logical
Lesson 4: Choleric (Driver) is both Direct and Logical
Lesson 5: Sanguine (Expressive) is both Direct and People-Oriented
Lesson 6: No One Is a Single Personality Type