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Fearless Presentations ® Online Course Lessons

Part 1: Reducing Public Speaking Fear

1A: 10 Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Nervousness
1B: How to Introduce Yourself
1C: The Magic Elixir to Eliminate Presentation Jitters

Part 2: Designing Presentations that Are Easy to Deliver and that Reduce Nervousness

2A: Create Your Audience Focused Presentation Outline
2B: Insert Examples to Prove Each Item

Part 3: Adding Enthusiasm and Impact to Your Presentations

3A: Add Enthusiasm and Energy to Any Presentation
3B: Ten Ways to Add Impact and Content to Your Presentation
3C: Impromptu Speaking and Dealing with Questions from the Audience

Part 4: Putting It All Together

4A: PowerPoint and Visual Aids
4B: Deliver Your Final Presentations