Persuasive Communication in Normal Everyday Business Conversations

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What Problem Do You Solve
Persuasive Communication in Normal Everyday Business Conversations Podcasts

Last week, I got invited to deliver a presentation for the Transitions ® Lenses company at their Transitions ® Academy in Orlando, Florida. What was interesting about the session that they had me design was that they weren’t looking for ways to design formal presentations. Rather, they wanted to be able to help their attendees…

Creating TED Talks
How to Teach a Bunch of Steps and Not Bore the Heck Out of Your Audience Podcasts

Last month, I helped a client re-design their medical training sessions so that they were more interesting and more interactive. As with many training sessions in medicine, it was important for the presenters to cover all of the steps because the safety of the patient was involved. However, when we deliver many, many steps in…

How to Write a Eulogy
How to Write a Eulogy Podcasts

Looking for how to write a eulogy? These tips can help. A couple of months ago, my father passed away. Even though I’m the middle child, I’m the only sibling who is a professional speaker. So, my brother and sister turned to me to deliver the eulogy. Being a professional speaker, you’d think it would…

Podcast 21: Create Workshops and Seminars that Audiences Want to Attend Podcasts

In the last few weeks, I had a number of clients come to me asking that we create truly customized workshops and seminars. This happens quite often, but each of these situations had a similar thread that might be beneficial to our podcast listeners as well. In today’s business world, we offices and team members…

Use Public Speaking to Promote Yourself
Podcast 16: Use Public Speaking as a Way to Market Yourself and Your Company Podcasts

In the last podcast, we spoke about venues where you can practice your public speaking skill. In this episode, Doug Staneart shows us a few ways to use your public speaking confidence to market yourself or to market your products or services to the public. Some of these venues are ones where you can market…

Design Sales Presentations that Persuade Even the Toughest Audiences
Podcast 12: Presentation Secrets for Attorneys and Other Professional Business People Podcasts