Add Enthusiasm to a Boring Presentation Using These 5 Tips

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Add Enthusiasm to Your Presentations
Add Enthusiasm to a Boring Presentation Using These 5 Tips Podcasts, presentation skills

Do you have to deliver a boring speech? Well, there really is no such thing as a boring speech. There are only boring speakers. But you don’t have to be one of these boring speakers. Enthusiasm and Energy is the absolute, most-important skill in public speaking. If you take only one piece of advice about…

Perfect Presentation Handouts
How to Create the Perfect Presentation Handout Free Public Speaking Tips, Podcasts, presentation skills

You’ve been asked to give a speech, and you’re excited to give the best presentation possible. You put all kinds of preparation into putting together an amazing presentation and finding the perfect examples to prove your points. Your conference presentation is infused with memorable anecdotes, terrific insights, great visuals, and even a wry joke here…

How to Make a Fortune Speaking for a Living
Get Paid to Speak: How to Make a Fortune Speaking for a Living Podcasts

You can get paid to speak. In fact, you can make a fortune speaking for a living. You just need to do three things. First, solve a difficult problem for your audience. Second, catalog your knowledge and repurpose your content and collect money for it. Finally, you have to position yourself as the “Go To”…

9 Ways to Add Audience Participation to Your Presentations
How to Encourage Audience Participation During Your Presentation Podcasts, presentation skills

Audience Participation is an excellent way to make a good presentation into a stellar presentation. It can also be the scariest. That is why most speakers — even seasoned professionals — avoid asking their audience questions. It is too risky. Or is it? The truth is that the types of audience participation that most speakers…

How to Make a Speech More Interesting 7 Presentation Ideas
How to Make a Speech More Interesting: 7 Presentation Ideas Free Public Speaking Tips, Podcasts

Want to make a speech more interesting? Want to elevate your presentation? Maybe you have written a great presentation, but now you want to make it phenomenal. These seven stellar presentation enhancers will help you make any speech more interesting. In this post, Doug Staneart breaks down his public speaking “Impact Ideas” that can be…

Know Your Audience before Designing Your Sales Presentation
Know Your Audience before Designing Your Sales Presentation leadership tips, Podcasts

Listen to any speaking coach, go to any Toastmasters, attend any presentation seminar, you will hear a single phrase over and over. “Know your audience.” Sounds really good too. When we hear the phrase, we think, “Well, of course. That makes sense.” But what exactly does “know your audience mean?” Is there a formula to…