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Virtual Public Speaking Classes Are the Most Economical Way to Become a Confident Speaker.

If you had asked our experts one year ago if it were possible to eliminate public speaking fear virtually, you might have gotten a sympathetic, “Bless your heart.” However, technology has changed so dramatically recently, that not only is it now possible, but our class members are getting phenomenal results!

In fact, the virtual presentation class has the potential to build presentation skills much faster and much easier than ever before!

This Virtual Public Speaking Class Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

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Five Star Rating

This Public Speaking Course is FIVE STAR!

“It was a very informative class. I really liked the atmosphere. Not stuffy or intense. Obviously, learning to speak publicly takes practice but these 2 days were good first steps.” -Cari Hoffman

“I think the facilitator did a great job of introducing the material and making everyone feel relaxed enough to participate.” -Lisa Coombs

“It was very worthwhile and doing is the best way to learn. This class helps to show that speaking in front of a group is not as bad as a person imagines and can be fun.” -Bob Bates

“This class will certainly give you the skills necessary to deliver a dynamic presentation.” -Jessica Kipp

“This is the most helpful and interesting class I’ve ever attended.” -Lan Nguyen

Fearless Presentations ® Virtual Public Speaking Class

The Virtual Fearless Presentations ® Class is a series of one-hour modules and coaching sessions. Each module consists of 10-30 minutes of instruction and 20-40 minutes of practice. Each session also includes one-on-one coaching from a world-class public speaking coach!

  • 10 Ways to Reduce (or Even Elimine) Public Speaking Fear.
  • Powerful Introductions (for Yourself and When You Introduce Others.)
  • Using Examples and Stories to Reduce Nervousness and Get Your Audience Engaged.
  • Persuade Your Audience in 3-Simple-Steps.
  • Create Powerful Informational or Technical Talks. (3 Hours)
  • Deliver Entire Presentations without Notes.
  • Adding Enthusiasm and Energy to Your Presentation.
  • 10 Ways to Add Impact and Showmanship to Any Presentation.
  • Fearless Impromtu Speaking.
  • Using Visual Aids to Reinforce Your Presentation.
Virtual Fearless Presentations Class
Since the course is offered virtually, you can schedule your classroom session in two-straight days, in half-day sessions, or in one-hour weekly sessions over time.

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Our instructors are available from 9:00 AM Eastern (6:00 AM Pacific) until 10:00 PM Eastern (7:00 PM Pacific.) You can schedule your sessions at any time during these hours.

Are you ready to absolutely eliminate presentation fear? Practice your speaking skills with a group.

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