Want to Eliminate Your Public Speaking Fear
in Just a Few Simple Steps?

In the first hour of the in-person Fearless Presentations ® class, our instructors cover ten simple presentation skills that anyone can do, right now, to help reduce public speaking fear. Over the years, we've made this particular part of the class one of the most interesting and fun sessions in the seminar, because it literally sets the stage for the rest of the class.

If Session #1 of the class is fun and of great value, and if it is totally different from what every other presentation class is doing, then our class participants will get better results.

10 Ways to Reduce Presentation Fear
Online Seminar

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This is Session #1 of a 5 part series.
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We often get comments from participants during the first lunch break where they say things like, "I've received more, and better, information in the first hour of this program than I've received from the entire time I spent in other classes." The reason why this part of the program receives so many compliments is that we jam-pack this part with great information, but we also deliver it in a very fun way. Well, we've decided to deliver this content in a one-of-a-kind Online Speech Class.

Improve Your Memory While You Eliminate Stage Fright

fear-of-public-speaking One of the fears of public speaking that comes up the most is, "I'm afraid I will lose my train of thought," or "I'm afraid I will forget what I'm going to say." So in the first session of Fearless Presentations®, our instructors combine the teaching aspect of delivering the 10 tips with a memory skill that helps people improve their memory dramatically in just a few minutes. When participants first experience this skill, they are often amazed at the "magic" that they have just witnessed, but in reality, the memory technique that we teach has been around for over 1000 years. It's just been lost in our modern society. With technology at our fingertips, we don't challenge our brains the way that our ancestors did. The potential is still there inside all of us, but it takes a little practice to tap into this hidden potential. However, when I say "a little practice," that is exactly what I mean. Most class members are able to improve their memory dramatically in less than ten minutes. So, it is an easy skill to master very quickly.

In this session, our instructors teach the 10 Public Speaking Tips that Help Eliminate Nervousness, and then, we teach the memory technique so that you can remember each tip forever!

Both skills, the presentation tips and the memory technique, are invaluable to a speaker, because a poised and confident speaker who can easily remember what he/she wants to say is very rare in the business world.

We have Recently Made this Session into an Online Seminar!

Because this session is so popular, we decided to make it available online as Part One of the Five Part Fearless Presentations® Online Speech Class. Each of the five sessions are $49, so you can purchase them one at a time, or just purchase the sessions that you think will be most valuable to you. However, if you purchase the entire online seminar series at once, you save $50. (So basically, you get the fifth one for free.)

The entire session of the online speech class will take you about an hour to watch the videos, read the text, and conduct the activities, but we have also added an additional version of the content in video format and an MP3 of the session as well. The repetition is helpful in internalizing the content and mastering these skills.