Fearless Presentations Public Speaking Course Helps Advance Careers In New York City

Doug Staneart  |  05/28/11
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Public Speaking Course in New York NY in 2011 At a recent Fearless Presentations® Public Speaking Course in New York City, the focus was on career advancement. Participants, hailing from different U.S. states, India, and Brazil, shared a common goal: enhancing their public speaking skills to advance their professions.

For example, one participant was the owner of a global business consulting firm. She wanted to boost her confidence in presenting her business. Another, newly in a sales role, worked on improving the clarity and effectiveness of sales presentations. And there was one preparing to address senior leadership about a well-deserved promotion.

The Fearless Presentations® course goes beyond conquering the fear of public speaking. It covers various aspects, including using personal examples, persuasive techniques, and impromptu speaking. We also cover speech writing, PowerPoint tips, infusing enthusiasm, and leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Participant feedback was very positive. Josh, said, “In just two days, the class transformed a novice speaker into a semi-advanced one!” Janet shared similar comments, saying, “I’ve attended many classes through the American Management Association and the Horizon Institute, but this was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Thank you very, very much.”

The Fearless Presentations® course is about more than just conquering fear; it’s about becoming a compelling and effective communicator, a skill that can take your career to new heights.

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