2017 June Chicago, Illinois Public Speaking Class

Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes


2017 Chicago Illinois Public Speaking ClassA group of 13 fearless presenters gathered in Chicago to increase their skills or overcome some speaking fears. If a few were skeptical of their ability to change, by the end of our two days, the group marveled at the many transformations. One participant, who had talked about many fears of speech anxiety declared herself “cured!” The group was very supportive of each other. On the second day, pairs helped each other practice their speeches and practice their stories. We heard speeches about authenticity at work, how to grow a career, the usefulness of walkie-talkies at schools, information on the HIPAA act, and many other topics. Participants admired each other and then slowly came to accept that they too were doing terrific work. They came to realize that their nervousness was actually bringing energy to their presentations. And while each had feared that their topics weren’t interesting enough, all the participants eventually discovered that they were all interesting and inspiring communicators.

As our time came to an end the group shared business cards and vowed to stay in touch, helping each other continue to grow as vibrant speakers.

This Fearless Presentation ® was facilitated by Laura Lewis Barr on June 22-23 at the Regus Chicago --
321 N. Clark St. Ste. 500, Chicago, IL 60654, USA

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