The Fearless Presentations ® website is a great resource for presentation skills and tips on public speaking, but below is a list of some of our instructors’ favorite websites (other than our own) that offer free public speaking tips as well as additional information to develop other leadership development skills. Our instructors have both identified the websites for you and rated them based on the value that each have for readers.

Skills You We rate this site: Five Star

Skills You Need is a company based in Wales, United Kingdom, and they have created a free website that offers tips and articles about how to develop a number of soft-skills, and they have a whole section on presentation skills. In addition, they offer some great tips on interpersonal, leadership, and writing skills. The thing that we like best about this website is that the articles are well written and simple to follow.

Inc Magazine: How to Improve Presentation Skills We rate this site: Four Stars

We love this article, because it give a simple approach to writing and delivering a great presentation. This would be a five star article, but a couple of the recommendations at the end can lead to more presentation nervousness. For instance, they recommend to start practicing a presentation a month before you deliver it, which can lead to trying to memorize your presentation and doesn’t seem real practical. Also, they recommend recording yourself, which, although watching yourself on video can help you identify areas that you need to improve, most people tend to really nitpick themselves, which can actually lead to more nervousness. A better way to practice is with a friend or coworker.

WikiHow to Improve Your Presentation Skills We rate this site: Five Star

If you are a high school or college student, and you are looking for a few good tips on how to present to your classmates, then this WikiHow article will be very helpful. It is basically designed for presenters who have to write a speech about something that they are studying and are not necessarily the expert at yet. For business presentations, this one won’t be as helpful.

Toastmasters Article Section We rate this site: Five Star

Toastmasters is huge organization with dozens or more chapters in just about every city in the world, and their goal is to give their members a place to practice speaking in front of a group so that, over time, each member gets better and better at speaking. The advantages of Toastmasters are that each member is encouraged to speak in every meeting and, for the most part, everyone is helping each other improve. I know that we will likely offend a few visitors to our site, but we have to admit that we are not big fans of Toastmasters as a whole, though. The reason why is that some chapters are very, very good and some are very, very bad, so the results are a little unpredictable. In addition, it often takes members years to begin seeing significant results. With all that being said, though, the articles and tips that Toastmaster provides as well as stellar. The organization is so big that it has fantastic resources from some brilliant members, so the content on their site is very good.

Career Advice from We rate this site: Five Star

The thing that we like most about this nice article about Eight Ways to Improve Public Speaking is how the author stresses how by improving your ability to deliver a speech, yo can increase the amount of income (salary) that you can generate. Good tips as well.

Enjoy the articles above, and keep checking back with our site, because we will be reviewing additional resources for you in the future!