Energetic Presentation Style

2. The Energetic Style (Direct/Emotional)

Let's make this meeting FUN! The energetic style has natural enthusiasm. This presenter also speaks quickly, but unlike the Authoritative presenter, he or she will often jump from point to point without a lot of factual evidence. Energetic Style presenters have natural charisma, and they thrive on audience input. So, this speaker will be more likely to want to encourage audience participation. They love to be creative. As a result, you might see a common theme among all of the bullet points or a clever play on words. They also like to use pictures and photos instead of bullets or facts. The biggest weakness of this style is that they often deliver what I call the 50,000-foot level presentation. They tend to skim the top of a lot of different information without developing much of the presentation in depth. So their presentations are entertaining, but in the end, the audience is saying, "So, what was the point of that?"