001 In March, the Fearless Presentations ® class in Orlando, Florida was small but they came to increase their comfort in presenting and their ability to deliver effective public presentations. “The attention given in a small class was great” Feedback from the class suggested that they most benefited from the preparation and delivery advice for effective presentations.  The group learned a lot from the adding enthusiasm exercise, sometimes by doing things a little differently can achieve different and positive results.  They expressed success in addressing their fear of public speaking when learning that the power of their stories can add so much to a presentation in addition to being easier to tell.  Although small, it was a great group, very enthusiastic, funny, and outspoken. “The video portion is vital to realizing most nervous symptoms don’t show”

At the conclusion of the two day class I received a great deal of feedback from the participants; they exchanged business cards and expressed a real sense of camaraderie. “Awesome, one of the best training workshops I’ve been too”.