March 2015 Fearless Presentations in Baltimore, MD

Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes


The Leader’s Institute®, brought itself to Baltimore, Maryland for the first time in 2015 and held it's Fearless Presentations®  program for a group of motivated and growth-oriented folks.

Success comes in many forms and for most people, they can reach a level of success within an organization that earns them respect and seniority.  However, a by-product of this success is that naturally management or peer groups will ask these individuals to communicate their learning's and lessons to a wider audience.  For many this brings a sense of anxiety and nervousness as the monkey chatter in our brains causes us to see the situation much worse than it actually is.  It is at this point where a skilled coach or mentor can really add value to assist in overcoming that noise and connecting with our confidence.

The group in Baltimore was composed of a successful entrepreneur, ladies who were part of Government agencies that dealt with Credit Unions, as well as individuals from the real estate and consulting industries.  All of them were experts in their fields and had amazing track records of success, yet their perception of how they presented themselves limited their confidence in front of an audience.  Through the course of the class, the participants pushed each other towards success as well as gained valuable insight on how to tackle their misguided perceptions.

In our Fearless Presentations® courses, each individual is coached uniquely depending on their personalities.  The participants are coached based on their natural strengths and are taught to leverage those strengths within the means of their presentations.  The goal is to bring about a series of positive successes within the two days in order to create an unstoppable momentum of growing confidence.  Many have experienced breakthroughs within this coaching framework

The Leader’s Institute®, re-visits Baltimore periodically and also has offerings in nearby cities such as Philadelphia and Washington DC.