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So you’ve spent days (maybe weeks) putting together a killer presentation. Now, you stand up with confidence, present every bullet point with poise, and then you get all the way to the end… and the presentation just fizzles. It’s like a marathon runner who trains for months (maybe years), then just a half mile before the finish line, starts to cramps and can’t finish the race.

The last thing that you tell your audience will most likely be what they remember. So, you want to end your presentation with a bang!

In this mini-course, we will cover three things that you should absolutely avoid when you close your presentation. In addition, we will also cover 6 killer ways to end on a positive note.

How to End Your Presentation with a Bang Mini-Course Lessons

Avoid These Show Stopper Endings

Mistake #1: Question & Answer Periods
Mistake #2: Thanking the Audience for Their Time
Mistake #3: An Abrupt Ending With No Conclusion
Bonus Video: The Danger Of Not Announcing An Imminent Close

Use These Endings to End Your Presentation with a Bang!

Close #1: Briefly Summarize Your Key Points
Close #2: End with an Example, Story, or Anecdote
Close #3: End Your Presentation with the End of an Earlier Story
Close #5: Give the Audience a Call-to-Action
Close #6: Echo Close
Close #7: One More Thing