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Presentation Styles
Ask most presentation skill experts what the ideal presentation style is, and you will likely get a variety of answers. Am I supposed to start with a story? Am I supposed to tell jokes?

Are visual aids more critical to performance or is the content itself more important? Do I have to warm the audience up, or should I just get right to the point? The answers to these and other presentation technique questions are… yes. And, well.. no.

The truth is that we all have specific strengths and equal and opposite weaknesses when we present. What works for some presenters can backfire on others. So, if you understand your specific strengths as a presenter, you can play on those strengths. If you know your weaknesses, you can shore those up as well.

What Is Your Presentation Style? Mini-Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Presentation Styles Introduction
Lesson 2: Analytical Presentation Style
Lesson 3: Energetic Presentation Style
Lesson 4: Authoritative Presentation Style
Lesson 5: Empathetic Presentation Style