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Do you need help quickly or want to gain confidence on your own time? No problem. The Fearless Presentations ® online public speaking courses can be your solution. You get access to the full nine online presentation class sessions that will walk you step-by-step through a process that makes designing and delivering presentations with self-confidence much easier! The sessions are modular​ so that you can view them separately, stop at any point, and pick right back up at a later time.

Get the Full Online Presentation Class Plus Public Speaking Mini Courses

In addition, you also get access to dozens of online presentation mini-courses. These mini-courses each take less than an hour to complete. They also help you fine-tune your presentation skills over time!

Access to this online public speaking classes is granted via membership to our website and monthly and annual subscriptions are available. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but we add new courses and mini-courses to our online library every week. (Scroll below to view details about our mini-course library.)

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Online Presentation Training Courses Have A Few Great Advantages.

  • You Can Access and Re-Access Sessions Multiple Times If Needed.
  • All of the lessons in the Full 9-Sessions Course are divided into modules. Each takes around 30 minutes or less to complete. If you are having challenges in any of the areas, just re-access that lesson for a refresher.

  • Take a Strategic Step-By-Step Process to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear.
  • You can focus on the areas of content that are most important to your needs. Or, you can go through each lesson in a step-by-step process. You control the speed and the order that you cover each module.

  • Become a More Powerful Speaker By Mastering Component Parts in Bite-Sized-Pieces.
  • Online presentation skill classes allow you to master each module before moving on to the next topic.

  • This Is, By Far, the Most Economical Way to Improve Presentation Skills. (As Little as $59!)
  • Access is just $59/month (or get a whole year of access for just $395.) You can either binge-watch sessions (if you are on a budget,) or take your time to improve retention and application.

  • Combine the Online Sessions with Virtual Coaching to Maximize Results.
  • We have virtual coaches available for a small additional fee to help you put the concepts into practice more easily. You can conquer fear with a lower investment if you begin your training online, and then move to virtual coaching as needed.

Advantages of Online Public Speaking Courses

Below Is a Sample of a Few of Our Online Presentation Mini-Courses.

How to add humor Mini Course

How to Add Humor to Your Speech

Three (3) Very Simple, But Very Effective Ways to Add Humor to Just About Any Presentation. In this mini-course, we show you three very easy ways to add humor to your speech.
How to memorize your speech Mini Course

How to Memorize Your Speech in Less than 60 Minutes

Looking for a quick and easy way to memorize an entire presentation quickly? Well, the solution to how to memorize a speech in minutes will likely surprise you.
Live Online Meetings 3-Part Mini-Course

Live Online Meetings Via Zoom or Teams

This is a three-part master class on how to create and deliver live online meetings via Zoom, Teams, or other online service.

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