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Will a Public Speaking Course Actually Work?!

Yes, public speaking classes are the best way to reduce nervousness. In fact, there is really only one, guaranteed way, to absolutely eliminate public speaking fear. Reading a book can help. Watching videos can help. Listening to podcasts can help. However, each of these genres is missing the most important part of reducing nervousness – PRACTICE.

That is why a presentation skills seminar can be so beneficial. As you begin to acquire information about how to deliver better presentations, you also get to practice these new skills right away. Continue below to find out why Fearless Presentations ® may be perfect for you!

Your Confidence Will Soar

In addition, a public speaking course is a controlled environment. Your instructor will teach a skill, show you how to do it, then, give you a chance to master that skill in a controlled environment. As your comfort level increases, we add a new skill that is just a little more complicated. Then another. After each successful speech, your self-confidence grows more and more. In addition, your ability to easily deliver more complex speeches grows and grows.

The process is actually pretty simple. It also works 100% of the time!

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Recent Feedback About this Presentation Seminar

"It was a very informative class. I really liked the atmosphere. Not stuffy or intense. Obviously, learning to speak publicly takes practice but these 2 days were good first steps." -Cari Hoffman

"I think the facilitator did a great job of introducing the material and making everyone feel relaxed enough to participate." -Lisa Coombs

"It was very worthwhile and doing is the best way to learn. This class helps to show that speaking in front of a group is not as bad as a person imagines and can be fun." -Bob Bates

"This class will certainly give you the skills necessary to deliver a dynamic presentation." -Jessica Kipp

"This is the most helpful and interesting class I've ever attended." -Lan Nguyen

Fearless Presentations ® 2-Day Public Speaking Class

What Is Covered in this Public Speaking Course?

Tuition is just $1995/person. On-Site Corporate Classes Start at Just $6,900.

This Presentation Skills Seminar is a Great Value
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by Heather Failla on Reviews from Participants

The instructor made the course very entertaining with thoughtful insights into being a great speaker. I loved his feedback on how I can improve. I would take the class again!

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Day 1: 9 AM - 4 PM

Reduce Public Speaking Fear

  • Ten (10) Ways to Reduce Presentation Nervousness and Look and Feel More Poised When You Speak
  • How to Make Your Audience Want to Pay Attention to Your Presentation
  • A Single Secret that Will Allow You to Practically Eliminate Nervousness in the First Two Minutes of Your Presentation.

Lunch Break

Design and Deliver Entire Presentations without Notes 

  • A Simple Three-Step Process that Will Allow You to Design Your Entire Presentations in a Fraction of the Time
  • Make Your Presentation More Concise and Easier to Remember
  • This Simple Addition to Your Presentation Will Make Your Audience WANT to Pay Attention.

Day 2: 9 AM - 4 PM

Add Enthusiasm and Impact to Presentations

  • Five (5) Ways to Add Enthusiasm and Energy to Any Presentation (Even Boring Ones!)
  • Ten (10) Ways to Add Impact and Content to Your Presentation Outline
  • Fearless Impromptu Speaking
  • Handle Questions from Your Audience Like a Pro.

Lunch Break

Visual Aids and Final Speeches 

  • Create More Interesting PowerPoint Slideshows and Visual Aids
  • Deliver Your Final Presentation with the Help of a Professional Coach
  • Earn your Fearless Presentations ® Credit and become a fearless presenter!

Are you ready to absolutely eliminate presentation fear?

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What all is Included in this Public Speaking Course?

Reviews from Class Students

Here is What You Get

We know that the best way to reduce fear is by attending a great public speaking course. However, when you combine the class with additional types of training, you leverage your results. So, with Fearless Presentations ®, you actually get much more than just a single class.

  • Two-Days of Coaching from a Professional Speaker.
  • The Official Fearless Presentations ® Participant Guide.
  • Fearless Presentations Text Book.
  • Video Recordings of a Few of Your Best Speeches from the Class.
  • Up to Two Phone or Skype Coaching Sessions with Your Instructor.
  • Access to the Entire Online Version of this Public Speaking Course
  • Access to All of Our Past and Future Online Mini-Courses.
  • Continuing Education Live Presentation Webinars.
  • 16.8 Non-Technical Continuing Education Units for Your Industry.
  • The Ability to Come through the Class a Second Time for FREE, if you like. As awesome as the two-day class is, practice is the key to successful speeches. So, you have the option to return to a future class for additional practice if you like.

Each of these additions is optional and offered at no additional charge.

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