In September 2013, six people attended a Fearless Presentations seminar in our Historic Sundance Square, Fort Worth, Texas location.  The Fearless Presentations ® class is extremely effective in helping their participants to organize their presentations to be highly persuasive while not saying too much. The Leaders Institute aimed at increasing their comfort in presenting and their ability to deliver effective public presentations. Feedback suggested that people most benefited from the preparation and delivery advice for effective presentations.  Many expressed success in addressing their fear of public speaking just by learning and using the structure of the seminar.

001 Realizing that the power of their own stories can be used to get the point across to the audience and it made it easy to deliver.  It was a great group, very enthusiastic, funny, and outspoken. At the conclusion of the two day class I received a great deal of feedback from all the participants; they exchanged business cards and expressed a real sense of camaraderie, five out of six participants had something work related in common. One participant who oversees the safety of the construction company said “I was skeptical coming in here but what I learned here today I can use in all my presentations as well as my one on one coaching sessions about safety” Another participant is a Business Development Manager for Monin Gourmet Flavorings said “I really like the session on The Power of Stories because I have so many stories about success and challenges that I had to overcome that I can use to train new salesman