The Scheduling Institute In-House Fearless Presentations workshop in Alpharetta Georgia in January 2013

The group at The Scheduling Institute in Alpharetta Georgia found out that, today, more than ever, communication is the most important a Scheduling Institue 002 and critical ingredient to success.  The Fearless Presentations In-House Workshop taught people who have the ability to communicate effectively are more successful, higher compensated, and have more impact on mankind that those who struggle with the ability to contact with their audience when trying to get their message across. Higher education doesn’t ensure the ability to rise through the ranks of a corporation as much as the ability to persuade people with an effective presentation.  Education might be your admission ticket, but it never ensures the success that most executives desire when trying to be promoted.  Those who have the ability to connect with those that they are trying to persuade find it less difficult to do so because they are speaking on their level and not above their heads.  So, if you are looking for an organization to team up with to improve your presentation skills, like the group from Alpharetta, Georgia,  consider The Leaders Institute’s Fearless Presentations In-House Workshop to assist you in your Public Speaking Training.   Check us out at