Los Angeles Public Speaking Class The Leader’s Institute ® held its Fearless Presentations ® public speaking class in Los Angeles to a group of individuals from different companies. All of whom were looking to improve their presentation skills in various ways. Some participants wanted to overcome the fear of public speaking. Much of the first day focuses on ways to relax before getting up in front of a group to speak, and also provides strategies for relaxing when public speaking anxiety occurs during a presentation. Other participants were looking for ways to make their message more streamlined, and others were looking for ways to make their presentations more dynamic. Each participant gets up in front of the group repeatedly to practice the skills being taught. On the second day, more time is spent on putting together work related presentations. Participants are encouraged to use a minimal amount of notes, which time and again they find freeing. They are continually surprised at how well they are able to do without relying on very thorough notes. Each participant came from the class feeling accomplished and with a new skill set they can utilize immediately.

This class was held on January 21-22, 2016 at the following location:

515 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071