2019 April Public Speaking Seminar in Atlanta, GA

Doug Staneart  |  04/28/19
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2019 April Public Speaking Seminar in Atlanta, GA We had another full public speaking seminar in Atlanta, Georgia last week! Nine people had a blast developing presentation skills and learning secrets to reducing public speaking fear.

The group met at our office in Midtown Atlanta. The bad news is that Colony Square is still under construction and a mess. So, our favorite spots to eat during the lunch break were still closed. The good news, though was that the group attended a fantastic public speaking seminar in Atlanta, and Colony Square had a half-dozen food truck come in. (At least temporarily, we have a few new favorite spots to eat lunch!)

Okay, I’m poking fun a little. Because I’m based in our Dallas office. So, I hadn’t been to our Atlanta location for a while. So, it was a surprise when I went across the street — like I always do — and it was a huge construction zone. However, it looks like, when they finish, Colony Square is going to be a fun place to take a mid-day break.

Fun Public Speaking Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia.

Back to the important things, though. We had nine people attended our first public speaking seminar in Atlanta in 2019. Just like always, the first day of the presentation class is foundational. We teach a few public speaking secrets that allow the participants to reduce nervousness, become better storytellers, and persuade their audiences.

On the second day, though, the group begins to apply the skills from day one in presentations more geared to each individual. So, day two is more about coaching each participant. We help them determine each of their individual strengths as presenters and build on those strengths. Of course, we also help them reduce any presentation weaknesses as well. But the focus is helping them apply the skills from the class into real-world situations in their specific industries.

Want one-on-one coaching from a seasoned presentation coach? Click this link for a list of public speaking seminars in your area.

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