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Los Angeles Fearless Presentations Class in August
Los Angeles Fearless Presentations Class in August Eliminates Fear for Young and Young at Heart Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes

We had a nice surprise in our recent Fearless Presentations Public Speaking Class in Los Angeles. We had our usual group of high level executives, but we also had a couple of teenagers preparing for the future. One of the participants was a young lady who was just about to start college, and her brother […]

Public Speaking Course in New York NY in 2011
Fearless Presentations Public Speaking Course Helps Advance Careers In New York City Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes

Class participants showed great interest in advancing their careers at the Fearless Presentations Public Speaking Course class recently in New York City. New York has long been considered the “melting pot” of America. But despite having participants from several states in the U.S., India and Brazil, all were interested in how improving public speaking skills […]

In Person Seminars Build Self-Confidence
Presentation Skills Classes can Build Self-Confidence presentation skills

Public Speaking Confidence is Seen by Others as Competence Public speaking skills or presentation skills will often lead to greater esteem from coworkers and peers, so when up-and-coming leaders and managers focus on building self-confidence in public speaking, that same confidence often spills over into other areas as well. When a person speaks with poise…

Music is the Key to Accent Reduction
Music 101: The Key to Accent Reduction presentation skills

“Without music life would be a mistake” These are the words of the famous German Philosopher Frederik Nietzsche, and as a specialist in pronunciation and Accent Reduction for non-native English speakers, I can attest to this regarding the English language. English is a musical language, as is Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, and many other languages. The…