December 2012 Public Speaking Class in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Public speaking class inspires participants to create compelling presentations.  The Leader's Institute® recently braved the cold to hold a public speaking class in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This was a smaller group, which allowed for plenty of feedback from a certified instructor throughout the two-day class.

IMAG0366Part of the lack of confidence that comes with giving presentations is public speaking fear, a very common fear for most people.  Often, the other source of lack of confidence is simply not knowing how we are doing.  The structure of this two-day course is to have participants constantly get up in front of the class to practice each exercise.  After each exercise, the instructor provides constructive feedback.  Each exercise builds on the previous one, so that participants are developing a specific skill set they can utilize once the class is over.  On the second day, all of the building blocks that were introduced on the first day come together when participants give work-related presentations.  The participants in this class were amazed at how quickly they were able to put these presentations together.  It didn't take days or weeks, in fact it only took about 15 minutes.  This is incredibly empowering for people to realize that they can structure presentations in such a short amount of time.

Whether you're in Cincinnati, Ohio, or other cities across the United States and Canada, this public speaking class is truly life-changing in the way people view themselves and their material.  As a result, people leave the class with the ability to create and deliver exceptional presentations.

Chris McNeany
Chris McNeany is a Vice President and Instructor for the Fearless Presentations® course. He is based in Los Angeles, California, but he teaches classes in San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Seattle as well.