employee-public-speaking-workshops Employee public speaking workshops can be a fantastically positive investment for your company. Communication is at the crux of all functions in today’s workplace. Some may think that the value of face-to-face communication has been diminished with the rise of the email, instant message, and emoji; but the truth is, face to face communication, and especially public speaking, has never been more valuable than now. Persuasive, well-versed teams leave a substantially better impression on potential and current clients and customers. Besides this, effective public speaking can also improve your employees’ confidence and internal communication with one another.

How Public Speaking Affects Your Bottom Line

Most public speaking workshops for your employees will obviously come with a cost. However, it’s important to think about the potential return on this investment in your employees’ abilities. There are several ways that a public speaking workshop can affect your bottom line and pay for itself many times over.

Enhanced speaking skills can have drastic positive effects on your sales. Understanding how to communicate a message in the most successful way is at the heart of effective salesmanship. According to HBR, the employees most effective at generating new business for your company are the ones that can tailor their communication to the customer, take control, and disseminate information concisely and effectively. All these areas are influenced by increasing employees’ public speaking abilities.

It’s often said that one of the leaders’ main jobs is training their replacement, meaning that they should be actively choosing and grooming the next leaders to ensure the company will remain sustainable and successful long after their legacy has ended. Public speaking workshops are a great way to identify these key players and train them in the motivating, persuasive, and professional speech tactics necessary for leadership positions.

People often pay a private speech coach several hundred of dollars an hour. Putting together a professional development activity for your whole team reaps the same benefits as private lessons at a much lower cost. Additionally, workshops that are open to the public may come at a lower cost but are forced to operate at the lowest common denominator of the group. A workshop tailored to your team’s specific needs will deliver the most bang for your buck.

Why Public Speaking Workshops Make Sense

Workshops put on by trained professionals are one of the most effective ways to enhance your employees’ public speaking skills.

First, professional speech workshops can help fine-tune verbal and nonverbal communication for your team. Most people haven’t received any kind of formal public speaking training, so a workshop may be the first time they are receiving professional feedback. People often don’t realize they have certain bad habits like twirling their hair, saying “um” or “like” as a filler, or shifting their feet when they speak until they are in a workshop setting, particularly if the workshop videos each person as they speak.

Workshops also help build morale and employee confidence in their skills. Most people are dissatisfied with their ability to speak in front of crowds and will shy away from opportunities to present publicly. Workshops strengthen employees’ beliefs in their own abilities, building self-assurance that will lead to them seeking out chances to use their newfound skills.

Employees are increasingly looking to build their skills and learn new things from their careers. They expect their employers to invest in their professional development, especially the Millennial generation. Holding a public speaking workshop will show that you care about your employees and their career progression, increasing employee happiness and retention.

The rise of electronic communication should be seen as a reason for the promotion of public speaking, not the downfall. Workshops to improve effective public communication are a key investment in your employees, and as a result, in the future and growth of your company.

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Michelle Riklan is president of Riklan Resources and an instructor for The Leader’s Institute® in the Northeast region. She is based in Trenton, NJ but she also teaches in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and other Northeast cities.