October 2012 Fearless Presentations Workshop in Detroit, Michigan

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detroit fearless presentationsThe participants of the latest Fearless Presentations Workshop in Detroit, Michigan leaned that most of the fear that they feel inside doesn’t show to the audience.  One of the best ways to develop confident speakers and reduce your anxiety for public speaking is to understand that most of the things that are happening inside your body, having butterflies, heart racing, mind racing or going blank, are things that your audience can’t know that going on. If we understand this one simple thing, our fear should be greatly reduced.  Think about the last time that you spoke and you were scared to death, but when you finished, someone complimented you and said that you didn’t look nervous.  You probably wondered who they were really listening to or if they were even paying attention to your presentation.  But, the reality is that people don’t notice our fear of speaking nearly as much as we think they do.  So, when you get ready to deliver your next speech or presentation, remember to not be too concerned whether you seem to nervous or not…they can’t tell, for the most part.