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Storytelling In Public Speaking
Great speakers know how to tell a great story. This post will give you the five key steps of storytelling that these great speakers know. This is a continuation of the post about how inserting stories into your presentations reduces public speaking fear. In that post, I mentioned a recent class member who told me that he just wasn’t good at storytelling. If you feel the same way, then these steps of storytelling can be very helpful for you. Just between you and me, though… Whether you follow these steps exactly or not, just the fact that you are inserting stories into your speeches is a big advantage. Most presenters in the business world give very BORING speeches. A well-placed story makes your message much more interesting and entertaining.

Storytelling in Public Speaking Mini-Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Tell a Story in Your Speech and Reduce Public Speaking Fear
Lesson 2: Major Benefits of Telling Stories in Presentations
Lesson 3: How to Tell a Story in Your Speech