Design Sales Presentations that Persuade Even the Toughest Audiences Podcast interview with Susan Schoenfeld who explains a few of her public speaking secrets for attorneys and other professional business people (accountants, engineers, doctors, architects, etc.). Susan is a trainer and speaker who specializes in helping professional business people develop presentation skills and leadership skills. Doug Staneart, CEO of Fearless Presentations ® interviews Susan in this 30 minute podcast.

Presentation Secrets for Attorneys

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Susan Schoenfeld is a speaker and training coach who specializes in helping professionals like attorneys, accountants, architects, and doctors develop presentation skills. Sue has spent the last decade working in law firms all over the country and helping their partners develop a more poised and professional presentation style (without losing billable hours). Although her recent background has specialized in working with attorneys and law firms, the tips and recommendations that she offers are valid for most professional careers.

A Few Relaxation Tips for Presenters in Professional Careers.

I asked Sue about some of her best presentation tips for professionals who deliver speeches, and she started out by focusing on a few ways to relax. It’s funny, because, when I asked her the question, I figured that she would give a few tips on how to design or deliver presentations. Interestingly, though, when your presentation has the potential result of someone spending the rest of his or her life in jail or potentially losing his or her business, pressure and anxiety is more of a factor in the beginning than technique. When the stakes are high, pressure is going to be a major part of your delivery. Below are a few of the tips that Sue offered as a way to relax and think more clearly before a big presentation.

  • Shoulder rolls – roll you shoulders forward, up, back, and down. Repeat several times.
  • Head rolls – close your eyes and move your head forward, to the right, back, to the left, and down. When your head is back open your mouth wide and say “ah.” This will open up your vocal chords and make you sound more relaxed.
  • Yawn and say the word “more.”
  • Shake out the tension in your hands.

Susan also offered a number of additional relaxation, confidence building, and presentation deliver tips. SO make sure to download the full episode for details!

How to Train Attorneys without Losing Billable Hours!

Sure came up with a brilliant way to train an entire firm of attorneys without losing a lot of potential billable hours. She specializes in short (one to two-hour) workshops where she trains the entire firm with a few key concepts that will help the entire group. Then, she spends 30-minutes to one-hour with each individual attorney coaching each one personally. Although it does take a little longer, the billable hours for each attorney aren’t negatively affected by the training. She often begins her workshop during a lunch hour to even lessen the impact.

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