Podcast 14: Impromptu Speaking and How to Speak Confidently Off the Cuff



In this session, Doug Staneart covers how to quickly design and deliver impromptu speeches. These types of presentations can help when you are interrupted during a speech by someone asking a question. This skill can be used effectively if your impromptu speech is intended to persuade your audience.

Impromptu Speaking and How to Speak Confidently Off the Cuff

Impromptu Speaking PodcastOne of the most terrifying moments as a speaker is when you are sitting in a meeting, minding your own business, and someone asks you to stand up and give an impromptu speech. In this episode, Doug Staneart of Fearless Presentations ®, gives us a few simple things that will help you think and speak with confidence -- even if you are having to speak off the cuff. Doug starts the podcast by reviewing some details from a few earlier episodes about how to design speeches more effectively. He reminds us that if the purpose of our impromptu presentation is to just inform or give information to the audience, remember to cover just a few key points in your presentation. Focus on the few key details that will get your ideas across to the audience without confusing them.

If the presentation is one where you are required to give an opinion or to persuade, however, you'll get a better response if you start with an example or a quick story. When we give an opinion, even if the audience agrees with us, they will often want to play "Devil's advocate" and punch holes in your theory. However, if you start your presentation with an example or story, you will build rapport with the audience. They will hear you out. So, now, when you conclude with your opinion, they will be more likely to agree. This technique can work really well when the content that you are presenting is controversial or decisive.

This technique is also very valuable in question and answer periods. You can use it very successfully if someone asks you a negative question or a question designed to put you on defense.

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